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Veterinary Clinic Vinohrady

Veterinary Clinic Prague


Preventive care

Vaccination, microchip application, Europass, pre-travel medical certificates, deworming, pregnancy diagnosis, determination of optimal time for mating, modern types of contraception, parturition management, parturition management, special profiles – geriatric patient, cardiac patient,…


Quick tests: Corona viruses, FeLV, FIV, Giardia, Chlamydophilla, CPL, FPLI, Borreliosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Dirofilariosis, NTProBNP, Panleukopenia, LH, Progesterone, Parvovirus.

Biochemical profile, Hematology, Ions, Urinalysis, Stool test, ECG, Digital X-ray – native or contrast, Ultrasonography, Doppler ultrasonography, Diagnosis of Dermatophytosis


Respiratory tract diseases:

  • diagnostics and therapy of acute and chronic patients
  • diagnosis using bronchoalveolar lavage
  • treatement of asthma using special inhalers
  • oxygen therapy
  • rhinoplasty and chest trauma surgery


  • diagnosis and therapy of Heart diseases
  • prevention programs for predisposed breeds
  • diagnosis using ECG, X-ray, USG, Doppler, blood pressure, NTProBNP


  • USG, X-rays – native & contrast
  • esophageal probes – animals with anorexia
  • Treatment of food allergies
  • Pancreatic diseases


Diagnosis and treatment of endocrinological diseases including regular monitoring and management of patients – Cushing’s syndrome, Diabetes mellitus, diagnostics using special animal glucometers, hyperthyroidism in cats, hypothyroidism …

Urology and gynecology

  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract diseases, prostatic diseases, diseases of the perianal glands, hormonal imbalance
  • surgery of urinary tract, urinary bladder, prostate, perianal glands, C-Section, castration, mastectomy, neutering (castration & spaying)


  • conservative therapy, treatment of epilepsy, polyneuropathy


  • diagnosis and therapy of bacterial, viral & parasitic diseases
  • diagnosis of allergens
  • treatment of atopy, hormonal dermatitis
  • hyposensibilization
  • cytology
  • surgery of skin neoplasms


  • diagnosis and treatment of conjunctivitis, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, corneal injury
  • surgery of the cornea, eyelids, enucleations


  • diagnostics, FNAB
  • surgical removal of tumors followed by chemotherapy
  • Collaboration with radiotherapy in Vienna

Other soft tissue surgery

  • hernia
  • splenectomy
  • othematom
  • ear canal reconstruction
  • amputation…

Stomatology and stomatosurgery

  • Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning
  • teeth polishing and whitening
  • teeth extractionS
  • flaps

Acute medicine

  • isoflurane inhalation anesthesia with monitoring and controlled ventilation
  • oxygen therapy
  • hospitalization
  • infusion and transfusion therapy, database of cat blood donors


  • conservative therapy
  • cooperation with orthopedict Dr. Musil, VeTPark Brandýs nad Labem

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