What do I need to travel abroad with my dog or cat?

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To travel within the European Union, you must have a valid Europass issued by a vet.
For the passport to be valid, the animal must have a working microchip and a valid rabies vaccination.

Countries outside the European Union may have their own specificities. We always recommend that you visit the website of the State Veterinary Administration or the embassy of the country you wish to visit before planning your trip.

If you are travelling with the animal outside the European Union, you will probably need an extra rabies antibody titre. This test determines whether your animal has the correct level of rabies antibodies in its blood after vaccination and is protected against the disease. The test can be done one month after vaccination. The blood will be drawn by a veterinarian and the serum sent to a certified laboratory. The results are usually within 2 weeks.

Before traveling, the animal must undergo a clinical examination and this – depending on the specific country – must usually be 3-10 days before travel. The doctor will also issue the necessary treatment against parasites during the examination.

Once the vet has deemed the animal fit to travel, it is important to get a certificate from the Municipal Veterinary Administration. For the municipal veterinary administration you need a collection, which you can buy at the post office for 50 CZK.

Useful link: II. Travelling with pet animals from the Czech Republic to third countries – State Veterinary Administration (svscr.cz)